Just a little kiss at bedtime

My wife and I have a cute habit.  When we are sleeping and one of us get up to use the bathroom and then returns to bed, if the other is awake, we give a little kiss.  It’s usually very dark, so we have to carefully find one another’s lips so we don’t crack our teeth together.

A few years ago, I was the one still in bed.  I thought I heard and felt my wife get back into bed so I rolled to my left and puckered up for a kiss.  My eyes were closed and we weren’t making contact, so I moved my head about trying to find her.  I was about to push forward for our kiss, when I thought it best to open one eye to judge distance to avoid the aforementioned cracking of teeth.

I am very very glad I opened that one eye.  For inches from my pursed  lips was the cat.

But it wasn’t just the cat.  It was the cat’s ass – his tail straight up in the air.

I should have been furious, but I found it so hilarious I started laughing hard enough to shake the bed.  I was certain I was going to awaken my wife, but she slept thru it.  When she woke up about an hour later, I told her the story.  She laughed until tears were running down her face.  Once recovered, she said, “from now on  when Sebastian (the cat) walks past you, he will look over his shoulder and seductively say ‘meee-ow'”.